Raid Team progress tab not updating?

My raid team is currently progging past H anduin, however the “Progression” tab is is showing only 11/11N Jailer complete. I’ve tried force updating the team as well as having another member upload the logs for the day and nothing seems to change.

Is there some setting I am missing when uploading to the Raid team? I am flagging everything when I upload it as Raid in my team’s settings through the desktop version of the uploader. None of our heroic kills seem to register for anything other than basic rankings (widgets and progress only show normal)

Team link: The Bunnies Progress (Normal Sepulcher of the First Ones) | Warcraft Logs

It looks like your team roster is incomplete and missing some characters. You should be able to characters to the team in the Character tab in the parent guild. Once you have the full roster built, go to the Team page and click the ‘Update’ button in the upper right.

Okay, I’ll give that another shot. This issue only started happening after we had killed N Jailer. All the progress displays were fine up until then. I will see if fixing the roster is what is causing it.