Problem... Logs not updating as Patron either


Issue I am having is the logs are not updating for weeks… I subscribed as a Patron thinking this would expedite or solve some of the live logging issues and it says I am not subscribed.

Curious for any feedback to resolve.


Is your log file > 4gb? Blizzard stops writing to the file if it gets too big.

No, I have it Live Logging atm.

What do you mean “not updating”? If you mean they’re not showing up on your character page, that would most likely be because you are logging without Advanced Combat Logging Enabled. You can enable it from the Network pane of System preferences in-game.

If you have Advanced Combat Logging enabled, then another possibility is that you are uploading to your personal logs but picked the wrong region, e.g., EU instead of US. Make sure your uploader has the correct region selected for personal logs.