Number of guild members in log to consider kill a "guild kill"

Our guild is semi-pug with 8-11 guild members. some of our logs counted as guild kills and rated in “execution” and “guild speed” rankings and some logs are not. What exact number of guild members in log we must have to be rated as guild? seems that it’s 11 but i don’t find official prove of this number even on old forum.

Current cutoff is 60% for something to be considered a guild kill. So for a 20-man Mythic raid, 12 or more would be considered a guild kill. If people have opinions on what the best % is, I’m open to changing this if it’s causing problems.

it’s causing problems only now i think because now mythic is crossrealm and so we recruit people but don’t force them to transfere before legion. there is no “right” decision i think.there is 2 opposing groups.

  1. like we who raid mythic with crossrealm members which we counter as guild members but formally not in guild
  2. some guilds involved in high ranking guild speed competition don’t want opponents to extensively stack mages from different guilds

so every group have their own truth :slight_smile: