No guild name next to our members on rankins charts


I was super proud of our enha shammy Kimbra, that he is 105th on the overall dps list amongst enha shammies, but - and ive noticed this on server-wide rankings too - there is no guild tag next to his name on these sheets. Shall we adjust something?

here, 105th Kimbra, no guild tag, should be Ten storms

thanks for all the logs and for the website! huge effort

click the name and you’ll see someone uploaded your run to their personal logs. Since Classic has no Blizzard API for validation, if someone uploads a personal log, I can’t connect it to the guild.

They need to make it private or unlisted or move it into your guild.

Right, so although we do have a guild log from that night, it is - for some reason - shows up from a private log. So in order to fix this, ppl who uploading personal logs should be just do it privately, so only the guild logs would show up on the rankings. Right?

Yes, that’s right.