No ESOLogs data found / Cannot load gear setup

After using ESO Logs Uploader v4.4.4 for about a month, why am I still receiving this message?
How do I get gear to show up on my Armory page?


I don’t know anything about this third party site, so can’t really answer that. Is it pulling gear from ESO Logs or through some other means?

I see no public logs from you on ESO Logs. They have to be public if you want a third party site to see them.

Yes, it appears to be pulling gear from ESO Logs.

And I think all my logs are being uploaded as public. Please see below. Am I doing it wrong?

For Kihra

The third party Web site is probably grabbing your gear from rankings. You just uploaded unranked fights.

TLDR: run a public ranked trial or dungeon.

Kihra, I will try that. Thank you.


Ran normal Spindleclutch II and Direfrost Keep. I enabled encounter logging for part of Spindle 2 and all of Direfrost. Still no gear loaded.

Direfrost Keep - Guild Upload

Spindlecluctch II - Personal Upload

No ESOLogs data found - Cannot load gear setup