Merged Wildstar logs for increased accuracy in multi-room encounters

Have there been any feature improvements / research into increasing accuracy of encounter logs via merging logs recorded in parallel? Digging deep into log trends to track metrics and weekly progress for my guild and data on all Avatus rooms would be extremely helpful.

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I have no problem testing anything required. Let me know!

The problem here is that the best way to do this is probably at the LUA level, e.g., have two people running WildStarLogger in a “master” and “slave” configuration, with the latter sending events through a backchannel, and then the primary add-on would discard duplicates and factor in additions.

Since I don’t raid in WildStar, it’s pretty tough for me to do the LUA coding needed, since it would involve having to be in the raid testing with multiple people running out of range etc.

On the plus side, since LUA add-ons are all open source, anyone with LUA coding skills could implement this addition to WildStarLogger (it doesn’t have to be me).

An alternative that wouldn’t involve LUA would be to have multiple people record logs, and then have them be combined when uploaded. This is tremendously difficult, though, especially for live logging, since merging those logs on the fly would involve a lot of back end changes. I’d rather not do this.

A third issue is that the last time I tested with multiple loggers, some events (especially healing) were just wildly out of whack, e.g., for one logger an event would be considered overheal, but for another it would be real healing. Healing events for the player’s pets would be dropped if the player wasn’t the logger, etc. This would make merging complicated even without multiple rooms involved, since the logger already isn’t getting a complete picture because of Carbine bugs.

TLDR: This is a pretty hard problem, and I’m kind of hopeful that Redmoon Terror, since it’s designed as a 20-man raid and wasn’t originally a 40-man like Datascape, won’t have as many “separate room” mechanics.

Huge thanks for the quick response with all of the information I was after! This is the state I imagined things would be, but I’m glad to read about multiple methods that can potentially provide the features I’m pursuing, even if only one is a true option for me to help with myself.

I’m going to work on the master/slave mode you mentioned and see what I can figure out / crash into in my free time. I’ll do the testing while we’re raiding; SD/Avatus after getting past proof of concept phases.

Wish I could reveal Redmoon terror room mechanics, but I haven’t had a chance to try them. Think that’s happening tomorrow.