Merge logs after xfer

Just moved servers yesterday, I am looking to have my logs merged if possible.

Originally Cryptstalker - US-Skeram

Now Kryptstalker - US-Faerlina

Send mail to with this information and someone will help you.

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Main: 옻옻 [https:/ 옻옻 - λ‘œν¬ν™€λΌ - Warcraft Logs ](
merged witth
Alter: μž”ν˜Ήν•œκ²€νˆ¬μ‚¬ [ μž”ν˜Ήν•œκ²€νˆ¬μ‚¬ - λΌκ·Έλ‚˜λ‘œμŠ€ - Warcraft Logs

Thx!This was weird

i want to combine logs from Soulshader - Shazzrah - Warcraft Logs to Soulshader - Firemaw - Warcraft Logs i transfered with my guild there!