Logs not showing on guild ranking on Hellfire High Council only for my character

Hello, i want to ask why i can’t see my logs on Hellfire High Council. Here you can see the link from our guild logs on that boss and my character isn’t there. Character name is Gabrîèl.


I have killed the boss and i can see the logs if i manual search my self on that certain boss, but i can’t see it in the guild ranking and it bothers me. What may cause this ?

If your best ranking on that boss was not earned with your guild, then you wouldn’t see it when filtering the guild rankings.

Thanks for the fast reply, I can see that my best attempt wasn’t logged by a person who can post it in our guild logs, but what about the rest kills log’s on that boss? I mean, literally it’s not showing on any kill. And yes, i have logged my self on some early kills on that boss with my guild, and i have uploaded them on the guild logs.

Are you listed on your guild’s Characters tab? Might be your guild roster is out of date. You can click the Update link at the bottom of the Characters tab for your guild to make sure it’s current. You can then go to the reports where you had your best ranks, go to their Rankings sections, and hit the Export button. Once those ranks re-process, you’ll be connected to your guild.

Worked perfectly,thanks a lot. :slight_smile: