"Killed with" Not working!

Good evening everyone. I have 2 guilds on my FFlogs, as such, I have 2 statics aswell.

I do upload logs from the killing, But when I Click on them, on my profile, they dont have " Killed with [My static name] " I dont know Why. But, I do upload with the guild, and not with “personal logs”

Both of the static are this way, and I dont know why.

As you can see here, it is uploaded by my Static called Angeless, But, in the logs listening on TEA, they dont have "killed with [Angeless] What I’m missing on my guild?

Could someone Help me, please? I want everything working fine =/

Hi there, I noticed I’ve got a similar issue and figured I’d reply to see if you found a solution, on the off chance you get this notification lol