Is there a way to add anothers log to myself?

Hey guys, im new to FFlogs and somehow have a pretty ugly log under my name that i didnt add myself? And not to mention i dont know where it came from and i cant even find the original? Is there a way to add logs someone else uploaded that has my performance on it to my own account/name??

Long process short, FFlogs should automatically add the encounter (victory) to your character. If you need to see progress/wipes, you need to to either upload the log yourself or join the Free company / Static that the logs are being uploaded to.

It’s also entirely possible that you have a character name that may have been used by someone else on your server before they transferred out or deleted in which case the old logs could possibly associate to your character. Try claiming your character if you haven’t and see if that doesn’t fix any accidental associations is what I would recommend.

Assuming you’re not talking about an old Susano/Lakshmi log, going forward Omega logs should be correct now that they validate against job info. If you have a case where Omega is messing up, let me know.

Yes it finally uploaded when the new content came out, thanks! ^^