Invalid log in Nexus

Hello, it’s been a few weeks now that me and my friends tried to have log in Nexus, but each logs are invalid, they are red at the end, we don’t know why, it’s only for this dungeon, others we have perfect logs without problem. Here is the last log that we have: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft .
Capture d’écran 2022-11-27 181518

As you can see, the timer is red like a wype.

Hey, you didn’t meet the requirements for the Nexus. You can find them here: Wrath Dungeon Requirements | Warcraft Logs Classic

You only got 1 Crystalline Protector vs the 3 that are required.

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Hi ! Okay, we did not know that there is this kind of requirement. Thank you, we will try this !