In SoD, Marksman hunters are grouped with BM. Aimed shot owners should be the only Marksman category?

As title implies, I’m frustrated that there’s no parsing available for Marksman hunters. We were forced to compete with weeks of broken pet builds being labeled Marksman but now that the builds are comparable I’m wondering why they are not separate?

Aimed shot = Marksman
Melee swings over shots = Melee
Anything else = BM

Edit: I’ve attached a screenshot I hope will show the problem, you can see that Details! addon is perfectly capable of recognizing the differences in BM and Marksman hunters, but Warcraft Logs is grouping them all together, even though they don’t have a single point in the marksman tree.

Solved. It’s come to my attention that warcraft logs never supported any talent tree for hunters in wow 1-60. It just showed them all as marksman. Furthermore, using this link below you can filter all logs by which hunters have aimed shot talent.

Hi there, we currently only do role based specs for SoD. The ‘Marksman’ category should probably just be called Ranged instead, but it’s an artifact from original classic support. You can read more about spec detection here: Season of Discovery Spec Detection and Rules | Archon (WoW - SoD)