How do WCL replay get player position?

i am a wow player and i am interested in wow API (and i’m not a native English speaker 囧).

i noticed that, after 7.1, the API funtion UnitPosiotion() was banned in dungeon.

but in WCL replay, the movement and posiotion of player and boss is still showed clearly.

i want to know How WCL do this, it may help with enable the range radar (/range in dbm)

It was banned from the ingame API only. The combatlogs report the coordinates still.

Wouldn’t it be possible to do addons/ToS violating addons that pull the data out of the combatlogs though?

In-game add-ons can’t read files on disk. In addition, combat logs aren’t written to disk synchronously, so even a third party app couldn’t get the coordinates in real-time.

Ah ty, have been wondering about that.