How do I search for my parses included in other peoples personal logs

Hello, I am fairly new to fflogs, so I am still learning my way around the site. I am also a ps4 user, so unfortunately, I can’t uploaded personal parses of my own. I am wondering how I can search for myself in other players personal logs, that i was a part of. For example, I recently did quite a lot of coil and alexander clears in the process of grinding poetics for my anima. I happened to stumble across some parses of a few of those fights, but I don’t see that they are on my characters page at all. I just got lucky and searched through all the uploaded parses for the fights I was taking part in, hoping to find myself. Is there some way I can see those parses on my own page? I am also curious, is there a way that I can just search for any parse I was a part of period?