How can i find unfiltered reports now after title page changes?

how can i find unfiltered reports now after title page changes? it was the only way to find logs from beta…

There are three icons on each zone line. The first one is All Reports, the second one is Rankings, the third one is Statistics.

I’ll probably bring back the global “All Reports” link, since this has been a common problem. Just need to figure out where to put it.

is it possible to make a search for this “all reports” like i can enter a player or a mob name and receive list of logs with this player or mob… now we have these functionality only for ranked players on live but i want to see every log of the player even from beta, even from training dummy if its open to public, even it’s not a ranked boss kill or just wipe etc… for example i find this log - and now i want to see every log with “Sensationsdk” envolved. it’s impossible now. i know the name and it gives me nothing. so with enemy-npc search - i want for example to see every log with “flotsam” world boss but it’s impossible now - i need manually open 300 logs with “unknown zone” label and hope it will be flotsam… of couse i will be happy to see class filter also as in common ranked filter… it’s good that we have all this rankings etc but i think we need a method to find in every public log not only in rankeds… first of all it’s not a ranked site but a logs library and we need methods to search not only in shiny rankeds but in unsorted garbage also :slight_smile:

Yeah this has been on my list of things to add for a long time. It would be very useful for beta reports.

not only for beta but for progression race before we have several kills also. what i do now during progression? i manually check every top30 guild logs pages to see if they post public logs and then bookmark every guild which post public so then when i need some info i have several sources. during progression things changes in hours. like mages find new opening or tanks find how to avoid this ability etc and instead of clicking on my bookmarks its better to enter in filter like “mages” “name of some raidmob” and see newest logs with 1+ mage damaging this mob etc… there is another situations like we already have several kills of boss but for example dd monks so undertuned that nobody want them in raid and there is 0 monks in all public 30 kills but i am monk trying this boss and whant to see other monks experience. with this search tool i can find monks like who dont make a kill yet but already have several days of wipes and i can accumulate their experience. without this tool sometimes it very time consuming to manually find what i need.