Help with cast pin vs cast count

An Outlaw Rogue has a cast named Roll the Bones. In an effort to begin to build a map of what buffs were the result of RtB, I started out with a simple pin - when was RtB cast. To create the query, I just selected the ability.

Then I remembered that you can click the + symbol on the far right of an ability to get it to show in the main window.

But they don’t match, and I don’t understand why. There are more RtBs from the query pin than the + symbol pin.

What am I failing to understand? T.I.A.

(Note, while my fights have 2 Outlaws, I discovered this on a fight with only one Outlaw in the fight - so only one possible source for RtB)

Which log you trying to do this on? Link?

Does the active filter on the page interact with pins? Once I moved over to our logs (we run two Outlaws), my thoughts were if I create a pin that says - any cast of RtB, and then drop it into “Main”, then it is effected by any subsequent filters you apply, such as limiting it to one Rogue or the other; or is that incorrect? I can’t find the original log with the one rogue, apologies as I had closed the tab.

Ultimately, what I am trying to build up is some sort of query or combination of queries that would let me know on each cast of RtB - what buffs out of the 6 possible were gained as it dramatically alters the results of a fight.

The closest I can get so far is this: but that involves a lot of eyeballing and drawing air lines with your fingers to figure it out.