Guild Name Change and Permissions issues


So I used to be the GM of “Project Cloverfield” on Mal’ganis and recently changed the guild to “The Bench” on Mal’ganis (Horde) . I have tried changing the guild name via the Guild Information window but there is an Alliance guild on Mal’ganis called The Bench and it will not allow the name change. Also, the guild member that originally setup warcraft logs for us does not play anymore and there is no option for him to promote me to Officer or GM of our guild. In the interim, we changed the name to “The_Bench”. That has in turn broken out ability to fetch guild members of our guild as well.

What can we do about getting me the GM permissions?
And what can we do about not being able to be called “The Bench” because some alliance guild already exists with that name? It doesnt look like they are active anymore.

My username on Warcraft Logs is “icecarnage” btw if you have to manually give me access.