Feature Request: Potency Based Comparison

I would like for there be a way to show a percentile based on average potency in a fight rather than dps. Personally, this would help me more in knowing whether my dps is higher because I’m doing better in a fight, or if it’s just because I got better gear. If I see that I got 15 percentile in average potency, then I would clearly know that it’s because I’m bad. If I see that I got 15 percentile in dps, I don’t know how much of it is because I’m bad, or if it’s because my gear is very underleveled.

I don’t know what the majority of users use logs for or how much other people would ever care about potency based comparisons, but personally I think it would help me know how much there is to improve. If implemented, I would suggest just including self buffs (e.g. Fight or Flight, Requisicat) as an increase to potency, but not food, gear, potion, other people buffs, raid buffs.

Also, let me know if my thinking is incorrect and that potency comparison may not correlate to mastery in your class and fight. Thanks!