[Feature Request] Cloudburst Totem/Unleash Life Breakdowns

Similar to how Disc Priests’ Atonement gives a breakdown of the spells contributing to its healing, I would like to see Cloudburst Totem keep track of what spells contributed to its healing. I feel that this is an important thing to track because analyzing spell usage during Cloudburst’s uptime is essential to having accurate information about a spell’s value. An example is if I were to only cast Chain Heals during Cloudburst, I would be missing a fifth of the true total healing Chain Heal does behind the Cloudburst spell.

A similar but much less significant occurrence is Unleash Life which works similarly in that a huge chunk of its true value is locked behind a bonus to the next cast’s healing.

If these features were implemented it would help a lot in analyzing Resto Shaman performance.