Doesnt logs follow you when you name change?

As the title states, my question is simple: “Does logs follow you character if you name change?”

The reason why I ask is because when I did a racechange I changed name aswell but my logs didnt follow me (they still claim my old name was in them and there are no logs under my new name). If there is a way to merge them I would like to know how

Old name:
New name:

Nope, not currently possible.

Okej thats to bad

If I were to change back to my old name but being a Gnome instead of a Human will that make my logs continue on the same profile or would it make another new one?

Different names = different profiles. Race changing doesn’t affect things at all.

So swapping back to my old name will get me my old profile back?

Yup, that’s correct.