Discrepancy in Player Stats

Hi, I’ve been trying to go over some logs to improve my gameplay, but I keep running into a strange problem.

There is another player who plays my exact same spec when we raid, and he usually outdamages me. However when I review the logs, I see strange things. For example in this log:


I am Jardi, the other player is Aurora, he does 55M more damage than I do. On review of the logs, he casts about 8 more AB, and about 3 more casts of AM. However every time, his spells hit for more damage than mine.

So I thought, he has more iLvl than I do, so I went o summary, and I have 972, while he has 969, but it lists him as having 107k Intellect, and 41K secondary stats. I have 72K and 36K secondary stats. He has an Arcanocrystal, but it doesn’t make up for the stat discrepancy. In fact I actually added all his stats from his gear as shown in the log, and it doesn’t add up to what is listed.

So with the actual stats from gear, he should be doing less damage per cast than me, but he isn’t. Can anyone help me make sense of this?

Stats are a snapshot on the pull, so he probably has a temporary stat boost like Potion of Prolonged Power.

That makes sense, PP + a concordance proc from the prepul would probably do that.

But then I can’t figure out why he hits harder than me on average per cast.