Could you make a new category for 5.0 Ultimate logs

With the release of 5.0 players are still doing UWU/UCoB but the rankings seem to be between both old and new major job changes which makes things sort of wonky, was curious if they could be updated for 5.0 since it’s hard to see if people are maximizing their potential / hard to figure out where to improve. Some jobs are completely different for better or for worse (some jobs such as DRG seem to all be high/higher than SB logs, while some other jobs like BRD/PLD/SMN seem to be lower as well, could just be needing to adjust to changes but it wouldn’t hurt to have the patch update for the logs either)

Thanks for your time!

Just to clarify, mostly just asking for a segregation between Korean and other global logs, because they’re on a different patch cycle so it messes with the 2 week comparisons for several jobs.

They’re in different partitions. It’s not messing with Korea or China.