Character not showing in the raid composition

My character, Sephkun, is not appearing in the raid composition for the Ursoc fight, but is for the previous fight against Nythendra. Is there a reason this is happening?

Log Link

Kill bugged out and is missing the ENCOUNTER_START and COMBATANT_INFO events that define specs. It’s having to fall back to my spec guessing code, which seems to not be able to figure out what you are. I’ll look for what abilities you used to see if I can find a spec-specific one to key off of.

Thank you for the info. Appreciate it.

I’m having the same issue as well. It’s happened every kill for me since I started logging in Legion.

You’re logging without Advanced Combat Logging enabled. Enable it in the Network pane of System preferences.

That would make it not show up in rankings, but I’m also not showing up in raid composition as well. It shows everyone else along with a percentage but my character “Kearvek” in the links above.

My character’s damage bar on the report is black instead of light blue. It appears to not identify me as a mage.

Yeah, I’ll fix that. When logged without Advanced Combat Logging, I am forced to infer your class/spec from abilities used.

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