Can't see logs in character page

I cannot see guild reports in my character page since march. Maybe something has changed or I am doing something wrong. Please help.
My page
One of the not shown reports

That report is private, so it won’t show on your page. You can click the key icon on the page to include private logs (assuming you have permission to view them).

You could also just have your guild make the reports public if them being private is an accident.

This is not an accident, as i know. I started writing logs myself, because it is important for me that my logs are public. But I cannot understand why this log with me is not shown on my personal page? Please help me to understand again.
New log
Personal page

Okay, I guess I understand what you are talking about. What options do I have as a player who wants to see his logs are public if the guild has decided to keep them as a private?
I understand correctly that even if I left from guild on the site, my personal logs will still not shown me on my personal page, right?