Cant claim my character for warcraft logs i paid a sub fee wtf going on

why make someone pay a fee with previous logs listed then when i create an account pay yall money you cant find my character in the claim ur character search bar but to search logs u find my character this is bs man .

Hi there, sounds like you haven’t updated the Blizzard forum activity for the character you’re trying to claim? Make sure you’re on the correct language forums. All the details are here:

Man ive tried every single thing you guys have said not one single thing works… for some reason my brothers battlenet is linked to my logs account… anytime i remove it an readd account it readds my name for my account but his characters it makes literally no sense. i cannot change my forums to my character at all in blizz forums it just shows my account name for the forum posts… so what am i doing wrong an please dont send me links to stuff ive tried 10 times over.

If you can’t see the characters, it sounds like you’re on the wrong language forums. What language is the server you’re playing on? Make sure you’re on the correct forums for that language.

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