Brand New to WarcraftLogs. My guild isn't visible

Hey folks,

Just returning to wow after 10 years. I’ve built a new guild, I’m on a new server and I’m ready to go for those sweet mythic lootz in Shadowlands, but I have a problem - I’ve linked my account and it still shows my old guild on my old server. Is there any way to give this a kick in the butt? I’m also going to be the one managing my guild’s logs.

Any suggestions?

What is your character name and server?

Mortehl. Formerly on Mannoroth, now on Sargeras (for several weeks). Guild name is Eat My Axe just in case that is needed.

Made the guild for you.

Thank you! I appreciate your attention!

Hey next question. How do I get myself registered as an officer? It looks like there’s some extra features available like hooking into our discord which I’d like to set up.