Are ranked frozen ? Is there a new DoT bug?


Firstable is an awesome website !
Here is my issue : I uploaded a parse but it doesn’t appear in the ranked section. It looks like the same issue as Nov 12 2015 when you froze ranked because of a DoT bug.

“There are no ranks in this report for this boss.”

Here is my Faust (a1s) report :*
Here is my report of A5s (and the whole day) on the new Faust called Hummelfaust :

Alexander: Gordias (A1 - A4) ranks are now frozen permanently, since that tier has ended.

Alexander: Midas (A5 - A8) ranks are frozen because I have to implement a lot of stuff to support them first. I’m still just working on getting them detected properly, and then I’ll have to figure out issues related to DoTs and HoTs.

Sorry to bother you Kihra with more questions but since 3.2 release I find my summoner’s dps wierd. Is it because of a new bug since 3.2 release ? or nothing has changed ?

Greetings from France, sry for my bad eng

Maybe? You’d have to give me a specific example log where you think the DPS is wrong. : the summoner would be number 1 world summoner if that parse is correct

Faust is special cased to exclude damage done to the dolls, since that’s worthless padding damage. It looks like I forgot to patch the Summary view to also exclude that damage. If you go to Damage Done, you can see the correct lower amount.

Ok ty vm Kihra ! Good evening.