API V1 Response Models do not match real Responses

Hi there,

at the moment I am just playing around with the API V1 and I noticed that the Response Models do not match the actual Responses.

For example the /zones should return a Model like:

If I try out the request and look at the response I see that e.g. the brackets field from Zone is actually an object not an array as stated in the Response Model.

I had the same problem with other Requests too.

So I when i use the Open Api Docs to generate my Client Code, which only uses the incomplete Model, I have to try each Request in the Playground, then compare the Response with Models and enhance the Models.

This is annoying and very time consuming. Time, which I already wanted to use start coding my Application.

Has anyone else had this problem ? Is there any fix for it to this day ? Or am I just using the wrong API V1 Docs ?


Although we’ll continue to support it, the v1 API is deprecated and is no longer being actively developed. The v2 GraphQL API is the future. :slight_smile: