Any way to show all players rank for a specific realm?

I really like the new website! Good Job.
I wonder if there’s a way to see ranks for a specific realm?
I mean I can see that in my guild page but it only tells me my realm rank, I want to know who’s above me.

Search for the realm at the search bar and you can see the ranking (ie

Thanks !!
It works, although I’d like it to be more intuitive :slight_smile:

Most of the places you can see your server name in the UI, you can click it as well to jump to that server’s pages.

I used to have a realm list for people to browse, but that seemed kind of silly to keep around with a prominent search field at the top of every page that says “Enter a player, guild or realm”… it takes longer to find the realm through the realm list pages than it did to just type it in the search field, which is why I got rid of it.