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Hallo Kihra :slight_smile:
I uploaded some logs but no ranking shows…sorry to bother but did i miss something? they wait forever…
mine is: igorgeous
Also i did live log last night with my catzdemon but it didn’t show on Ranking
So other person uploaded and it showed normally. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/L82JrKT3hfzVZ19d
/ty :slight_smile:


Ok I have had issues sine Wow’s 8.1 patch and thought I had got it working but all of sudden it won’t upload anything. I can see data in a wowcombatlog but when I have uploader go to that file it doesn’t read anything.

I need help trying to figure this out. I am fairly new to doing logs. The other issue I had that never could fix was uploader not being able to delete or archive before this issue. I basically have just been going in manually and deleting the info. I have tried reading through the forums, but haven’t quite seen a solution for my issue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled uploader.