Yogg 1 Light 10 Man bugg on logs

Last night our guild safety first on benediction. Logs by Yukos.

Our guild wanted to do 1 light yogg but ended up talking to the incorrect keeper (they talked to Hodir instead of Thorim)

Our guild ended up defeating yogg 1 light with Hodir active and NOT Thorim, which is the typical route for 1 light.

We have the Hard mode loot to prove it but I think the logs were confused as to which version we were doing and shows it as a 2 light kill. (Hodir and Thorim)

I’m not too concerned about our logs, more just wanted to let you guys know for future guilds and logs.

Can you link the log that messed up? We can probably fix it.

Some idiot in my guild did the same thing and talked to Hodir, still did 1 light and it’s listed as 2 light…