Suggestion to Disable All-Star Points on Antoran High Command

Hey Kihra,

I wanted to make a quick post to ask whether it would be possible to disable the all-star points on Mythic Antoran High Command. You currently have a bunch of different parses with inflated kill times (longer than most guilds’ first kill) that purposely delay killing the boss to ensure more add spawns which are then usually left for 1-2 players to kill. This in turn affects the all-star ranking potential of players (that would parse high regardless) that play in guilds that play the boss “normally” (a certain degree of padding is normal even in guilds that play the boss normally, but the kill times still remain relatively low in comparison i.e. the boss kill is never purposely delayed when the boss is played normally).

I would understand if someone were to argue that the killing of the adds is part of the boss mechanic (unlike say Aggramar on Mythic), but in this case I would draw the parallel to Mythic Demonic Inquisition in ToS – adds must be killed, but guilds are in a position to ensure more add spawns and let specific players/classes to kill them on their own.

I also understand that you could theoretically alter the tactic on many bosses to ensure that specific players would parse higher than what would “normally” be possible, but in most cases this would only apply to 1-2 classes that draw a benefit from the boss kill that other classes maybe wouldn’t (for example Fury Warrior execute on Mythic Garothi). However, in the case of Antoran High Command, most (if not all) classes can inflate their dps if their guild plays in their favour. The best example would be the current rank 6 kill by an Assassination Rogue – a class that does not have reliable (emphasis on reliable) add cleave, yet still benefited ridiculously by his/her guild delaying the boss kill, stopping dps, and leaving all the adds for the Rogue (log in question:

I’m open to your thoughts/views on this.