Same guild with similar rosters appearing twice in highscores

On WoW Classic Sulfuras-NA, the guild Turbo Bus holds both the 2nd and 3rd fastest clear times for AQ40. This would be fine, except 11/40 characters appear in both rosters. This abuses the fact that speedclears are ranked by guild. One DMF week, these 11 players are a part of their main team. The next, they are apart of their second team which, importantly, is registered as its own guild on Warcraft Logs. This allows Turbo Bus to hold 2 of 3 top spots without having two distinct rosters.

Roster 1 - 2nd place
Roster 2 - 3rd place

Characters appearing in both:

  1. Katieparry
  2. Greddie
  3. Doubleedged
  4. Denathrius
  5. Snead
  6. Getrektlol
  7. Illistic
  8. Thraga
  9. Leeum
  10. Jscs
  11. Ykd

Resolved. Probably from emailing and not from this forum post though.