Request: Symmetric error distribution bars in all percentile statistics

I love the new error bar approach to displaying the “All percentile” stats rather than just showing the average as before.

If I’m interpreting the new error bar correctly though, it is showing, 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 95%, and the dot is 100%. My preference would be to either replace the 10% tick mark with 5% or make the 95% tick mark 90% so that the meanings of those two ends of the error bar are complimentary.

I think this would make the error bars slightly more intuitive to interpret at a glance. That said, I am very happy with this new feature. Thanks!

I wanted them to be symmetric, but I just don’t compute the 5% value, and I didn’t want to only go to 90 on the right whisker. It bugs me too, but it’s a major ordeal to add in 5% computations at this point (since that would involve site downtime, database column change, dealing with the fact that old zones wouldn’t have it, etc.).

What I will probably do is add in 5% for the next zone, and then it will be fixed going forward.

Understood. Definitely don’t let better be the enemy of good enough. This is still a much improved way to see the data. Thanks!