[Ranking Problems] New logs uploaded while visiting other worlds is not computed in the ranking



This issue is related to “World Visit System” available in Patch 4.57.

Steps to reproduce:
Transfer to another world by the system, and join cross-world party from another world.
Upload battle-log obtained at the party, and register successfully.
The data of characters joined from another worlds to cross-world party has not been computed to Rankings page.
This problem is not observed with the characters joined to the party from their own world included in the log.

Thank you for your cooperation.


It’s a bug in ACT. Ravahn is working on it. For now don’t log while visiting other worlds or it won’t work.


Got it, thanks.
The character’s log is compted as invalid on fflogs because network log is corrupted, and it can’t be improved in fflogs side, right?


Right, there’s no fixing it.