Post here if your character page is bugged (duplicates or main -> alt merge)아즈샤라/조드바사삭

Hey, recently realm changed and my logs didn’t copy over (ive unchecked social > display only char achievs to others after 2 days it still hasn’t merged)


main 께갱-아즈샤라
alt 아들-아즈샤라

plz log

plz fix log

My character name is Topsito on Proudmoore. When you search me 2 names pop up, both of them do not have the correct parses but when I look at my character on my account page they do. I am not sure if this is an issue from the duplicate name or what. Can you fix it for me?

one of my character has problem like this issue.
it had two low logs before April 8th, and I went to raid at April 15th.
but its log didn’t update on its page.

ID : Kumaholic - Azshara (KR)

when searching that character, you can found twoheroic logs (April 3rd and 8th)
but I have a heroic log in April 10th.
it didn’t included on its log page.

plz fix it for me.

Main: Cythisia-EmeraldDream
merged with
before transfer:Cythisia-WyrmrestAccord

I change realm maybe 3years ago and my DK’s old logs are hard to find.

Old one :헬스크림/야식

New one :


my character ‘Vælaya-Mal’Ganis’ just disappeared a few days after i transferred from Eredar to Mal’Ganis. I cant find myself either on Eredar or on Mal’Ganis. Got some now logs last days and i wanna see them, please help

Not able to update any characters for the the past 6 days. Please advise!

It’s an issue with Blizzard’s API affecting all of us sites that use it. Hopefully they fix it soon, but nothing I can do on my end.

yea I’m having a problem live logging. Is that because of the Blizz’s API issue?

Note quite sure if my problem fits this exact topic, but my character page is bugged: Character Server transfer wiped WCL data

Hi there,

After switching from Horde to Alliance (and moving server), my character page is bugged in several ways:

When searching for my character, I get two hits:

Doesnt matter on which character I click, It contains no data and invalid logs:

Also new logs (e.g. from yesterday) are not added to this character.

I have synced my wcl account with my account and if I click on the character link within my account page, I see a complete different character page which is still bugged (e.g. mekka and stormwall logs missing) but looks a bit more “ok” than the public one:

Here is also the link to my character BEFORE transfer:

My character’s entire logs have been removed, and two same characters are shown in the search results when I search for my character

Please kindly check and restore the logs.

Below is the link to the pertinent character’s logs.


struggling with this problem for a long time…아즈샤라/오크대굴빡아즈샤라/오크대굴빡

GOT DUPLICATED! struggling with this problem for a long time…

Hi, I did a server transfer and faction switch a few weeks ago and my character has only partially updated.

Original character (Eternüm-Kil’jaeden):

Post transfer (Eternüm-Stonemaul):아즈샤라/그렇겠군

You turned on Display only character achievements to others in-game, which is why these characters could not be connected. Go to the Social tab in-game, turn that off, update your character on WCL, and this problem should resolve.