Offensive Guild Names but can not be banned


I encountered a problem that puzzled me. In the Boss Kill Speed All star ranking list. There’s one guild that uploaded their log with offensive names. The in game real guild name should be "末日审判” and they they create some strange words in their logs " 听说祈福RS公会小怪打得快跑步也快 - We hear the RS guild have a fast speed on trash fights and run very fast " to their guild name. This guild is focus on Boss kill speed and the RS guild is focus on Whole Race speed. They are using WCL as a weapon to belittle others.

I have reported this case to the WCL support team in recent days. At first, their name was been fixed. But they changed it back again. Then I report again and they were been warned and forced to re-name. But later, they create a new guild in game using these offensive words. And they said they did not violate any rules because they really have a guild with that name in game. They are treating everyone as fools! So I reported it the third time, and the feedback seems like WCL can accept this, because they created a guild with such name in-game successfully…

This is a disappointing result to me…Because of the inefficiency and inaction of Chinese operator ( Netease ) and seems like the operator don’t very care such argue between players, Even I can also created a guild in game with dirty words in English. If I create such guild in WCL with dirty words and create a guild in game, before the Netease ban the in-game guild or even they never do that , these pages will be showed to the world forever?

I think this is a loophole. I hope you can optimize the process, otherwise there will be similar behavior in the future.