Logs Missing As Of Yesterday


Awhile back I transferred my monk to a different realm, but then ended up transferring back to original realm under the same name and WCL seemed to let me keep and update logs under that name with no problem. However, as of yesterday ALL of my heroic and mythic logs/rankings are gone from WCL character page. When I enter my characters name I see two names (Shahsei-Thrall) pop up which was not happening before. Was there some kind of update or something that messed this up? Would really like to have my logs and rankings back if possible. Very odd that my normal parses are showing but not the others (heroic and mythic came from different sources but the sources are still active and not hidden etc etc)



Just to verify, did you check Interface -> Social -> Display only character achievements to others on the character? That will “fake out” WCL’s ability to see your account fingerprint, resulting in a copy of the character being created.

I can merge them for together for you, but I do not recommend checking that box, since it will keep sites like WCL and Raider.IO from following you across realms/name changes.


Hello Kihra,

I always leave that box unchecked, so not sure what it could have been. It appears your merge worked, as I have all of my previous rankings back. Thank you for the help!