Is it possible to save "presets" of multiple queries?

I’ve got several, separate queries that I want to have on hand for basically every fight (active mitigation uptime, CD usage, HP over time, etc). What I’d like to do is save a “preset” of these combined queries.

I know you can copy/paste individual queries, but I’m really interested in saving/loading multiple queries at once. Is this possible?

Conversely, is there an alternative method? Maybe using expression language to create a single query that handles all these parameters.


Screenshot of what I’m trying to achieve:

These are things that I always want to keep tabs on, regardless of the fight. It would also be nice to be able to have a fight specific “preset”. i.e. for Xavius, Dream Simulacrum uptime on both tanks, and Darkening/Blackened soul stacks.

Again, I’m trying to avoid having to go into a dozen individual queries and copy/paste them.

Not possible right now, no.

Thanks for the reply. Obviously, I think this would be a huge value add.

I’ve found a hacky work around, in case anyone is interested.

I set up the filters I want, and then bookmark that page. The query data is stored in the URL. You can then copy/paste the tail end of the URL (reports/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX#pins=…) on to reports/logs from other sessions. Seems to work okay.

Yup, it’s on the future feature list.

<3 Do you run a devblog or anything where I can follow progress?