Greater Blessing of Might Incorrectly Assigned

During this log,, Faeynna had 2 GBoM on him. His and Silvarya’s. But, both of the damage from Faeynna’s GBoM show up under Silvarya’s log report.

GBoM was 14.91% of Silvarya’s damage. 6.31% of Faeynna’s.

Do you have the original log file? This error happened in the uploader so I need to debug with the original file.

I’ll ask the raidleader if she can email them to me.

I logged my own. but it also has weirdness with GBoM as well.


Upload After:

My GboM is under a non-paladin. The ones on me are associated with me. This happened twice in a row. The fight night was live logging, the second was just /combatlog then picking specific fights. Both are included in said log.

She was able to upload them to dropbox as well. This is from her pov doing a live log.

Thanks again!

This has been fixed in v4.10 of the uploader (available shortly).

awesome. Thanks again!