Feature Requests: Video links and revamp feedback

I was writing this on Discord until I realized it would be better served here rather than a chat paragraph for clarity.

The inclusion of streams and video on WCL was a great move. I’d like to suggest some further improvements, and a small ’ bug ’ I encountered with YouTube.

YouTube channels have two IDs: a channel ID and a user ID. Older channels also have IDs on top of this ID, and some of the IDs have been replaced with recent YouTube changes (and of course brand accounts make this all the more convoluted).
WCL uses the /channel/ URL to access particular accounts. For some of the older channels, this can only be the garbled auto-generated ID, even if they previously earned what was called channel nicknames at the time.

For example, my channel can be accessed via all of these options - promotion not intended:
/channel/UCR8oHMBipA6JHLN8vh23eew (default auto-generated)
/c/JademCian (the channel nickname)
/JademCian (the channel nickname)
/user/Centxf (the user ID nickname)
/Centxf (the user ID nickname – though the default auto-generated user ID cannot be used to access the channel).

It’s particularly minor, but it would be nice to be able to specify which short code we’d like to use. The channel ID is perfectly functional, though some users may not know exactly where to find their channel ID if they have an account that runs off one of the channel or user nicknames. IE my user experience on youtube is that it directs me to my /jademcian channel, then any click therein produces /user/centxf urls.
To find the channel ID WCL reads, you have to actually click on your avatar in the upper right -> Settings -> view advanced settings. This is fine but not personalized :face_with_head_bandage:

In terms of sorting for actual videos on the site, I think having it integrated with the rankings and profiles is a good solve. The integration with replay and automatically slicing encounters is brilliantly useful.
What it’s functionally missing versus wowprog is the ability to sort by latest, or to filter out all kills unless they have a video attached.
For example if we go to Mythic Sivara then sort by progress with the intention of finding the most recent video, sorting by rank will only sort 1 through 50.
So the suggestions are: The ability to filter out all rankings and kills unless there’s a video attached; and provide a most-recent sort order to functionally replace this.

As an added bonus, the Discord #suggestions were talking about adding recruitment to WCL and I’d like to add a voice saying that’d be a great idea. My process with WoWProg involves having a blurb in my profile that says if someone found the page because I followed their character, it’s because we’re recruiting. When you follow someone, they get a ping that a user has followed them and access to their profile (and therefore the blurb). I already use WCL to research a players raid experience and it would be nice to have that process on one website.
That’s a bigger feature product so I’ll leave it be with just that.