Can’t find my character by searching


I deleted Honesty(KR-아즈샤라, DH), and created Honesty(KR-아즈샤라, DK). But I can’t approach ‘new’ Honesty by searching Honesty, but can approach ‘new’ Honesty only by logging in So other people can’t see my logs by searching my character’s name. Can you please delete ‘old’ Honesty, or replace it with ‘new’ Honesty?

And I have another problem. I transferred Trueshot(KR-세나리우스) to 촐랑(KR-아즈샤라) about 1 year ago. Can you add Trueshot’s logs to 촐랑? Thank you for reading.


I have this exact same problem when searching for my FFXIV character. Hopefully, something gets done about this.