[Bug] Demonic Inquisition, Description is switched

I am not sure if this is already posted, so forgive me if it already is.

There is a bug in the problems section of the demonic inqusition.

The text says:
Belac casts Fel Squall. Players that remain close to Belac take damage and gain Torment. Players should both move away from the boss and stop attacking while Fel Squall is in effect.
The table below shows Torment gained by standing too close to Belac during Fel Squall.

But in the table below are the players who attacked him during his cast!

The next text says:
The table below shows Torment gained from attacking Belac during Fel Squall.

In the table below are the players who remained too close!

So both descriptions are switched.

I just found it out, because our mage gained 120 tornament during the fight, because he skilled splitting ice. The problem section showed that he was standing too close… But he was always on the other end of the room… But he didn`t show up in the section where he attacked the wrong target… But the melees did.