[Bug] Ashamane's Energy wasted

Context: Feral druids gain 60 energy per cast of Tigers fury, with the addition of Ashamane’s Energy artifact trait which grants and additional 5 energy per second for 3 seconds per rank with 4 ranks available baseline. (7 with 3 AE relics), totally 20 energy per second for 3 seconds assuming no Ashamane’s Energy relics are equipped.

Problem: Within the resources tab reports display energy gained from ashamane’s energy as a raw value, however the wasted column fails to calculate any overcap. For example, if you are at 90 energy and ashamane’s energy ticks for 20 energy the report will show 10 energy gained in the Raw Gain column and 0 energy wasted in the Wasted Column.

Potential Solution: One solution I would be to look at total casts of Tiger’s Fury, multiply it by 5*Ashamane’s Energy traits to account for relics and subtract the raw gain from that value.