Archimonde Log not uploading properly

I have a log for Archimonde that I’m trying to upload but it dose not upload properly.
This is what it is uploading as. It says it is a 12 second fight.

This is the split of the file that has the kill I’m trying to upload. Even when selecting fights it recognizes it is a 2 minute encounter but only uploads as 12 seconds.

This is my full log file, sadly it is slightly too large to upload directly from it and hope that fixes it and I have no tool to remove fights from it that I don’t need anymore.

I’ve also uploaded logs from previous nights with no problem, I don’t understand why this one dose not upload properly.

Blizzard has a bug where they’re writing malformed lines into the combat log. I’m trying to figure out a workaround and have reported the issue to them.

Alright thank you. The log should be fine to upload when fixed as It seems the full fight duration was logged?