API v2 - Friendly Pets for a specific fight

Hey all.
I’m using GraphQL API, but I don’t know how to get all friendly pets (with ownerId) for a specific fight.
That’s why I used this URL
It returned:

This data is really great, but it looks like you have added a security condition for the URL and this URL doesn’t work directly now (https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/fights-and-participants/L9aNrygDtTpKfM7k/0).

If you block this way to get the Friendly Pets data, then could you please tell me how to get/collect this data via the GraphQL?
There is a Report query and friendlyNPCs field, but how to get petOwner data? I just don’t see this field there.

report (code: "") {
      fights {
        friendlyNPCs {

Also, I found that petOwner field can be found in masterData query:

masterData (translate: false) {
        actors {

However, it seems there is no way to get these actors for a specific fight, that’s why I can’t use this masterData field.

I split out the pets from friendlyNPCs and enemyNPCs into friendlyPets and enemyPets and added a petOwner field so you can get that without going back to master data.

I did not expect such a quick response. It works. Thank you.

wow this is impressive