WildStar Logs

Bugged Log / Bad Log (3)
RMT Log With Trash (Bugged) (2)
Bugged RMT fight (incomplete logging) (1)
Double-Saved log GC (3)
Double-Saved/Bad Logs (4)
Bugged log/Double-saved (2)
Bugged log (wrong boss) (2)
Prime Y-83 recap (1)
Bugged RMT log (Tiny showing as Untombed Horror Parse) (6)
Bugged Genetic Archive Logs (7)
Change of RMT log evaluation (13)
New design in all stars page (5)
Bugged Datascape Log (2)
Bugged Log (Incorrect Fight Logged) (2)
Corrupted imported raid log (1)
Cropper Gho'Deke (4)
Trash/Bugged RMT logs (1)
More Bugged saved Datascape fights (1)
Sigil of Recovery not recognized as a heal (2)
Broken log including previous fights (1)
Bugged saved Datascape fights (1)
Double saved RMT fights (2)
Bugged gloomclaws (1)
Chief Warden Lockjaw Log With Trash (1)
Bugged Mixmaster Kino Log (3)
Character name change (3)
Logs uploading on incorrect days (1)
Double saved logs (1)
Lootwatcher Korgh logs don't work / upload (2)
Incorrect Redmoon Terror Log (Tiny Log Listed as a Untombed Horror Log) (1)